Why Cleaning Your Tub Will Give You A Happier Tub 

Having a hot tub in Fort Collins is an excellent way to bond with family and friends when you have them over on the weekends or any social gathering planned. It is a great way to destress from the problems of life and just escape from the world for just a few hours. Hot tub maintenance, however, is an important part of having a hot tub. It may seem like fun when you are using the hot tub, but the way you take care of it while you are not using the tub will be just as important as using the hot tub itself.


First of all, protect the hot tub at all times when not in use. The outside of the hot tub must be taken care of well to keep it functioning properly. Most hot tubs come with a cover for when it is not in use but if ever the hot tub did not come with one then investing in a cover for the container will help in the maintenance of the tub. Keeping the cover will protect it from the elements around it such as specks of dirt, stains, and UV rays.

Gently wiping down the exterior of the hot tub with a wet cloth will be enough concerning maintaining the outside of the tub. The exterior of the tub is usually wood or acrylic which would make it easier to clean. Wiping the top of the cover as well should be done to keep the tub neat and clean.

Now onto the more work heavy load of cleaning the tub, the inside. Cleaning the inside of the tub may be more challenging than the outside, but it will be worth in prolonging the life of the tub. Making sure that the water in your tub has some chemical to keep it clean is essential in making sure that the inside of the tub is well maintained. Chlorine is an example of the chemical that you should use but, there are other options for keeping the water clean.

When using the hot tub, it is important that the water clean to avoid skin irritations and other illnesses that may occur when the water is not maintained. Cleaning the filter of the hot tub should also be done when keeping the hot tub clean. If there is a pressure gauge attached to it, then be sure to check that it does not exceed 10 lbs. It’s nice to clean it every four weeks to avoid any problems with the filter. It should be replaced every 1-2 years depending on the frequency of use.

These are some of the basic ways to maintain the hot tub in the house. It is important to properly maintain it to avoid any problems with it in the future. Buying a hot tub is an added responsibility but will be worth all the memories made with your families and friends in the times that you use it. If you do not feel comfortable with cleaning it yourself, there are many hot tub cleaning services for hire that will do the job just as well.